The America Immigrants Don't Know

The America Immigrants Don’t Know

The book titled “America Immigrants Don’t Know” is a book primarily written for both Immigrants and prospective immigrants. It’s also a book that may assist indigenous Americans to understand some thought processes of immigrants.

The book is full of information in helping the readers to get settled, and navigate themselves to successful life and to fulfilling their American dream.

In this book, description about America being a land of the free and the home of the brave, discourse on immigrant’s entry point and community they reside being able to shape their destiny, what to do when immigrants are facing change, the role of good parenting in shaping their Children’s Worldviews, the need to avoid being stuck in victimhood mentality, the need to practice religion as expected in America, and the imperative need to avoid criminal acts with few reliance credit bait. The book is concluded with some tips on how the readers can fulfill their dreams.

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